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I am the parent of two daughters 15 and 7 years. It Gretel and Patrycja - are different, but not worse. They have Autism.
Strange because you have a car, a doll, or a puzzle, and they are just Autism, such a gift of fate ...

This brave little kobietki! They are a little frightened environment, speed of action - but put them bravely face.

Rehabilitation and treatment of our children is very expensive. So please donate 1% of your taxes or support a small donation.

Every penny is very important to us - which is very hot in advance thank you. Your small financial contribution - HUGE CONTRIBUTION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION OR OUR DAUGHTERS! -No Support your treatment is not possible.

To donate money for Gretel and Patricia very hot please send FOUNDATION JIM account, quoting donation for Gretel and Patricia Kosińskich

Enter FOUNDATION PIT KRS 0000127075 Hansel and Gretel
SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE In box, type # 862 Patricia and Margaret Kosińska
Mark I agree
Donate a donation to the account 88 1240 2539 1111 0010 2766 0745 charitable foundation
With a note # 862 Patricia and Margaret Kosińska

or a personal account, Katy Wroclaw Cooperative Bank account holder husband:
Gregory Kosinski 70 95740005 3001 0016 5002 0001
Gregory Kosinski and Eve